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About McCarty


Welcome to the McCarty School Website!

Dear McCarty Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year at McCarty Elementary School, where each and every day is a great day to be a Mustang!

I personally want to thank you for a warm welcome to McCarty and our school community.  I am grateful for this opportunity to lead our students and staff, partner with you as parents, and proud to serve as Principal.

Enclosed you will find important information that you can set aside for easy access to use as a ready reference.  Please take a look and read at your convenience so that you are informed about how you can be positive and supportive, assisting in the exciting and rewarding education of your son or daughter.

In addition to this letter and the parent handbook, McCarty staff, myself included, along with the PTA, will periodically provide you with newsletters.  Our school website is another resource that will be ongoing to help keep you connected to school-wide events and initiatives.

We encourage you to support our school and be a part of our triangle team of students, staff, and parents. Please consider a committed connection to our school and your child's education through your communication with the Main Office, his/her teacher, or PTA participation.

A great way to simplify your support is by ensuring that your child demonstrates punctual and regular attendance. There’s no substitute for being here as we prepare our students for the eventual, inevitable world of work and adult responsibility.

We recently revised our Mission Statement to be consistent with the district: “Our mission is to inspire all students to achieve their greatest potential.” We are dedicated to and focused on improving student learning and progress toward “greatest potential” achievement in the core areas of reading and math; we also intend on infusing Social/Emotional Learning into our daily routines by addressing the state standards in this area.

To compliment Character Counts and our 6 Pillars, we added “Mustang Pride”; this is a simple, systematic approach to school-wide behavioral expectations: Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Ready.

All of us at McCarty look forward to a fun, positive, and successful year of collaborative work and forward progress; thank you for staying connected and getting involved.

Mustang Pride,
  Kevin Schnable
  McCarty Elementary School


School History

Who were Joseph and Samuel McCarty?

Joseph and Samuel McCarty were farmers and millwrights in New York State. In 1833 when they heard the growing accounts of what were then “the Far West” and the fertile soils of Illinois. At the age of 24, Joseph was the first of the brothers to travel westward, and, in 1834, arrived at the Indian villages occupied by Waubonsie, chief of the Pottawatomie. This village was located just north of the present site of Aurora, Illinois. Joseph staked his claim to some 330 acres of land on the East Side of the Fox River upon which he built a tiny log cabin.

Nearby, an island in the middle of the river obstructed the channel. This combined with a natural fall of the water formed the advantage of waterpower. To secure the rights to the waterpower, Joseph purchased another 100 acres on which he built another small cabin. This second claim was for his brother, Samuel, who arrived a few months later. A dam was built and soon a sawmill was constructed. Later, a gristmill was also erected. These claims covered the ground on which the city of Aurora, Illinois was later built.

Aurora owes not only its location, but also her rapid growth to the McCarty brothers. In 1836, Samuel had the old state line road that ran from Chicago to Galena changed. He and his workmen opened a new roadway and built bridges from Naperville to Aurora and westward from Aurora to Big Rock. With promises of free room and board, Samuel enticed stagecoach drivers to come to Aurora instead of traveling the old road route. Eventually, hundreds of immigrants in search of homes were compelled to stop in the town developed by the McCarty’s, the first white men to settle in the area.

Samuel McCarty was a thrifty manger and laid out his land into streets and town lots, leaving one block for a public park and selling others to newcomers arriving at what had become known as “McCarty’s Mill”. By 1837, when the community’s name was changed to Aurora, 33 men and their families lived here; and 14 youngsters were in school. By 1854, the number of inhabitants had grown to 1,895 and six years later the population was up to more than 6,000. By 1870, more that 11,000 people lived in the city of Aurora and businesses flourished in this commercial and manufacturing city.

Unfortunately, Joseph McCarty did not live to see his town grow and prosper. In 1838, he became ill and moved to Alabama’s warmer climate, where he died a year later. Little is recorded about Joseph and there are no pictures of him because he died before the advent of photography. But Samuel wrote affectionately about his older brother: “He was as noble a man as ever stood on the banks of the Fox River, and one that appeared to foresee the rapid building up of those beautiful prairies and the springing up of flourishing towns and cities along the Fox River.”

Samuel continued in the milling business until 1858, when he began to devote most of his time to real estate, both in Aurora and Chicago. He played an active role in Aurora’s continuing development. Samuel McCarty was 79 years old when he died in March of 1889. By 1900, his little town had grown to almost 20,000 residents. This is particularly remarkable, especially since much of that growth is directly traceable to Samuel McCarty himself. For the last half century his name has been prominently identified with the growth and prosperity of Aurora.

McCarty Elementary School opened its doors in August of 1989. Students determined that the mascot would be a mustang and the school colors would be black and white. The ‘Mustang Song” debuted at the building’s dedication on October 22, 1989. In 1994, the Spirit Council members voted to add red as an accent color to the black and white already established.

It is the hope of the McCarty staff that all its students will be inspired and challenged by the life and contributions of Samuel McCarty. A writer expressed his admiration of Samuel McCarty at the time of his death as follows:

“He enjoyed the respect of the entire community and led a life that commended him to the confidence and esteem of his follow men”

Visitor Policy

Visitors are always welcome at McCarty. We ask that you adhere to the visitor policy that has been adopted by District 204:

The District encourages visits by parents/guardians, citizens, and taxpayers to District Schools. Parents of students attending the school have special rights and responsibilities, in addition to those taxpayers generally, to keep themselves informed as to the day-to-day operation of the school. In receiving visitors, District personnel shall be cognizant of student welfare and safety and continuity of the educational program. All visitors must report to the building Principal's office. The following guidelines shall govern school visits:

  1. Visitors shall prearrange visits to the school with the building Principal at least 24 hours in advance.  
  2. Absent of unusual circumstance previously discussed with the building Principal, school visits shall be limited to one hour (1hr.) per day. 
  3. School visits shall generally be limited to adults. Parents should avoid visiting school accompanied by siblings or other children.  
  4. School visits to individual classrooms should generally be made only when the regularly assigned teacher is present.
  5. School and classroom visits shall not be disruptive or in any way interfere with the instructional program. All visits and visitors shall be subject to the authority of the building Principal who may restrict or limit visitors as he/she considers necessary.  
  6. Visits to school by a student's friends and associates are not permitted except by special permission by the building Principal and teacher, or in the case of a special event for which a general invitation has been issued.


The only entrance available for visitor use is the main entrance by the front circle. Everyone must sign in and out, and state the purpose of their visit. Each visitor will be issued a visitor badge to wear. This identification is to be worn at all times while in the building. This badge is returned at the end of the visit to the main office. If you are at school to pick-up your child for an early dismissal, please stay in the lobby area. DO NOT go to your child's classroom door and possibly interfere with the classroom activity that is in progress. Your child will be called down to the lobby area by the main office staff.

The safety of the children is of utmost importance and takes top priority. We would like to thank you for your cooperation in this most important matter.

School Song

McCarty School Song

McCarty Mustangs, McCarty Mustangs, oh we are proud of you.
McCarty Mustangs, McCarty Mustangs, forever we’ll be true.
McCarty Mustangs, McCarty Mustangs, we’re loyal through and through.
The black and white is here.
Let’s stand up now and cheer!
McCarty Mustangs we love you!


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