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First Grade


First Grade!


First Grade Sight Words

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Why I Teach First Grade

Why I Teach First Grade

When I am introduced as a teacher, I always wish I had time to tell people something like this…

Yes, I teach first grade.
Where else would so many handsome and very young men put their arms around me and ask, "Do you know that I love you?"
Where else would I tie so many hair ribbons and belts and get to see a style show of pretty dresses and shirts?
Where else could I wear the same dress day after day and be told each time that it is pretty?
Where else could I walk up and down the aisles and have warm smiles greet me?
Where else could I have the privilege of wiggling loose teeth and receive a promise that I may pull them out when they are loose enough?
Where else could I eat a soiled piece of candy from a grimy little hand and not get ill? (I have to eat it because he watches to see that I do.)
Where else would a future look as bright as it does amid an energetic group to whom nothing is impossible?
Where else could I guide the first letter formations of a chubby little hand that may some day write a book or important document?
Where else could I forget my aches and pains because of so many cut fingers, scratched knees, bumped heads, and broken hearts that need care?
Where else could I forget taxes and even "the state of the nation" because Johnny isn't grasping reading as he should be and other methods must be tried?
Where else would my mind have to stay so young as with a group whose attention span is so short that I must always keep a "bag of tricks up my sleeve?"
Where else could I feel so needed as I do each year when, because of something I have done, little children learn to read?
Yes, I do teach first grade and I LOVE it!!!

Art, Music & PE


First grade students begin the year with a basic understanding of art concepts and materials. The art curriculum strives to expand on the kindergarten foundation with the further exploration of color theory and the utilization of new materials (in both two and three dimensions). Whenever possible the art curriculum is integrated into the other first grade units.

First grade students continue their exploration of music concepts through singing, moving, listening and playing instruments. They begin to develop their singing voice. They begin to distinguish between a steady beat and the “rhythm of the words” as they read simple rhythm patterns. They also begin studying the shape of music and learn to recognize basic music symbols. We often extend their classroom study of certain concepts and themes through related music activities and songs.

First grade students will continue to develop their locomotor skills. They will work on specific manipulative skills such as throwing, catching, striking, kicking, and volleying. First graders will be introduced to various developmental activities including individual and group games. They will also learn basic muscle groups, the circulatory system and basic health concepts during the Heart Adventure unit. Cooperation with other students will be discussed and practiced through game play and partner activities. First grade students will be introduced to Physical Fitness Testing in the fall and spring.



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