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Third Grade

Third grade is accented by the large number of sculptural projects which will challenge each student. A high relief sculpture, bas-relief foil project and a mixed media cultural arts project all highlight the year. A long term weaving project is also accomplished in which students develop an understanding and appreciation of the artistic, historical and engineering aspects of weaving. Can you tell what type of pattern is used in weaving the fabric of your denim jeans, and why?

In third grade, students continue learning about music notation and symbols and exploring music concepts. Our young musicians will also start to learn how to play the recorder. They learn about all the different instruments that are found in the orchestra. They learn about harmony as they sing simple canons and play chordal accompaniments on various instruments. Students also become more aware of expression in music... how it can “PAINT” pictures and “TELL” stories. Students will take four District performance assessments throughout the year.

Third grade students will be introduced to team sports and will work on basic skills and strategies related to each sport through modified games. Students will continue to learn the importance of exercise and proper nutrition to develop healthier lifestyles. They will continue to learn muscle groups, the circulatory system, health concepts, and good sportsmanship throughout the school year, and during the Heart Adventure unit. Students will take the District Physical Fitness Test in the fall and spring.

ART - 1 Day per week for 50 minutes
MUSIC - 2 Days per week for 25 minutes each time
P.E. - 3 Days per week for 25 minutes each time


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